29, Cambridge, MA, #DesignerErin

When did you realize you had designer potential?
At the end freshman year in college. It was then I started to learn a lot about color theory, composition and most importantly, the importance of textiles. I designed garments in high school but I never viewed them as critically until going to art school.

What is your design training?
I have a BFA in Fashion Design and Fiber Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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Strengths as a designer? 
Ambitious, unique point of view, learning from mistakes, taking criticism positively, creating textiles from scratch, and having a good time.

Weaknesses as a designer?
Time management. But it ends up really being a strength. I’ve learned that over time I work well under pressure, so I think I put things off until that last minute on purpose. Positive procrastination.

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How did you end up auditioning for “Project Runway”? 
A lot of people have been telling me to apply for years now, but I’ve been in college so timing hasn’t made sense. I really love challenges and working under time pressured projects so that’s why I applied.

Challenge you wish they’d bring back?
3D printing challenge.

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Challenge you hope they don’t?
I haven’t really hated any of the challenges I’ve seen. There’s something to learn from everything.

What’s your take on team challenges?
I’m big on working collaboratively. I think it’s really important as a human to work as a team, not just for challenges but in life.

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Do you think you can win “Project Runway”?
OMG of course! I have a unique background which gives me a special point of view. And I’m very ambitious and work great under pressure. Pretty solid combination for the stresses of “Project Runway.”